Aerosol Stations

Map of AEROSPAIN stations worldwide. In red are displayed those stations belonging to GOa – UVa, and in blue those belonging to IARC – AEMET. Izaña supersite and Valladolid intercomparison site are highlighted with the house mark.

Stations operated by IARC – AEMET: Izaña, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Teide Peak, La Palma (co-operated with GOA – UVa), Roque de Los Muchachos and Majadas (Spain), El Cairo (Egypt, co-operated with the Egyptian Meteorological Authority), Tunis-Carthage (Tunisia, co-operated with Institut national de la Météorologie de Tunisie) and Tamanrasset (Algeria, Office National de la Meteorologie)
Stations operated by GOA – UVa: Valladolid, Palencia and El Arenosillo (Spain), Camagüey (Cuba), Andenes and Ny-Alesund (Norway), Marambio (Antarctica). GOA – UVa also is in charge of calibrating the following AEMET estations: Madrid, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia and La Coruña